Sick silky that won't open her eyes.

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  1. Omagranny

    Omagranny New Egg

    Sep 23, 2015
    I have a silky that will not open her eyes, I have been giving her Oxytetracycline HCI for 6 days at first she would eat good now she is eating less. The vet said she probable has a upper respiratory infection. I've tried yogurt, wet food scrambled eggs, help please. Her eyes look good no matting or anything. Her output is also good. I'm not sure how much a 1 1/2 lb silky should eat in a day, any help??? When should I look for her eyes to open and will it hurt for them to be closed so long?? Should I be doing anything for her eyes? Why do they keep their eyes close when they have an upper respiratory infection? Please help!!!!!

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