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    Feb 11, 2015
    Hello BYC,

    My silver laced Wyandotte seems quite ill. We noticed yesterday that she was not keeping up with the other two birds in our small flock. Last night I noticed that she was not on the roost like normal. This morning she is acting very lethargic and seems very weak when walking. I can tell by picking her up that she has a fever. We examined her beak, crop and vent areas all which seem normal. Her poop is quite watery. This came on rather quickly as she laid an egg for us yesterday morning.

    She does not seem motivated to eat or drink. We separated her from the other two birds and gave her a scrambled egg which she ate a small bit of, but went straight back into the coop and sat on the floor.

    The only thing that I can think of is we did just have the house fumigated and there were tons of dead bugs around outside of the house. I did my best to find and remove said dead bugs before we let the chickens back into the yard, but I am sure they found some that I didn't see. Anyone ever have a chicken get sick after a fumigation like that?

    Taking her to a vet is not an option, they always want to run expensive tests that we just can not afford for a chicken.

    Any suggestions you can offer on how we can best help our girl hopefully recover or other things we should check for?

    Appreciate the read and any advice you care to share!

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