Sick Swedish Flower chick- need advice ASAP


7 Years
May 18, 2012
Dear BackYard Chickens,

We took home a really young Swedish Flower Chick. She is less than two weeks old, and since we brought her back, she's had a tendency to stand and sway under the heat lamp, and yesterday we noticed that she was getting a claggy, messy bum, with almost like a mucus-y film around it. We have ground her chick feed extra finely, and she seemed to be trying to eat it, but we're not sure she's actually getting any. The temperature in her box is fine, she is drinking, but she seems desperate to get under the other chickens' wings and/or climb on top of them, and she is cheeping all but constantly, even in her sleep. She is not lethargic all the time, but she is not as active as the others; she is, however, growing.

We need advice on what might be going on, as we're afraid that she's becoming more lethargic and panicked, and her back end issues don't seem to be resolving. Any advice would be greatly welcomed, as we're really worried about her. Thank you in advance for your help.
Hi mnferalkitty,

Thanks for your reply. We've put sugar in the water; what else would you suggest?

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