Sick temminick tragopan

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    Jun 3, 2013
    South Texas
    Tube feeding hen temminick. Feeding three times a day, 2 once each feeding. Mixing hand feeding formula with pedialite, also adding 1cc tylan 50 per day after initial 1cc injection.
    Is tube feeding 2oz enough??? Crop seams empty.
    Unknown issue with bird. Recently acquired two weeks ago, was also lost in shipping and didn't receive for four days. During first week after receiving, bird seemed to be adjusting, second week everything good, bird eating treats out of my hand etc... THEN???
    Clear eyes, white liquid poop, body condition excellent except ding on nose. Symptoms, disoriented, wobbling head and can hardly walk, not eating.
    Third day, looks more alert, tried to eat fruit, missed.
    I don't want to over feed, however I also don't think 2oz three times a day is enough.
    No avian vet close.
    Professional opinions please. Thanks

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