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i have a bourbon red hen that seems to be very sick. her poop is extremely runny. no blood in it or anything, but like liquid. she also looks very pale, compared to the rest of my turkeys. i have 8 turkeys all together. 3 black spanish, one royal palm, and 4 bourbon reds. this bourbon hen seems to be the only one that is sick. she's not roosting with the rest of the turkeys. they all have taken a liking to roosting on my porch railing at night, and tonight, she was just laying on the porch while the rest of them were on the railing. if anyone has any advice, it would be greatly appreciated. i do not want to lose her, and do not want the rest of them to get sick either.
no, none of them have been dewormed. i don't mean to sound stupid, but i didn't know that they had to be dewormed. this is my first time raising turkeys. i have always raised chickens, till this year. will worms really make their poop like water?
Don't know about worming either, as I also new to turkeys, but my turkey has runny poo as well. BUT she isn't sick that we know of. She's running around the yard just fine, making noise, eating everything in sight, gaining weight. We have noticed that the more green stuff she eats, like grass and lettuce, the runnier her poo is. Don't know if that helps or not.
not really, cuz this one is acting like there is something wrong for sure. and all of my turkeys freerange, and she's the only one with watery poo. i don't know what to do. i really like my turkeys and really don't want to lose her. i'm really worried about her. i'm going to ask around at tractor supply tomorrow and see if anyone there has any idea also. i appreciate any and all advice though.
If it is a bright or sulfur yellow that's a sign of Blackhead. My turkeys have runny poo sometimes but don't exhibit other signs of illness--and have been dewormed--but with her acting sick, looking pale and having yellow poo then it sounds a bit more serious.

well, just in case of parasites, i started all of my birds on corid. i also started them all on electrolytes and vitamins. my turkeys run with my chickens. however, if it was blackhead, i would think that all of my turkeys would be sick and i would lose them all. she is indeed acting better at the moment, and seems to look better. i haven't gotten any new chickens, and i don't think any of my chickens are sick. in fact, i've really narrowed down my flock of chickens. think i'm down to about 20 chickens, 7 turkeys, and 3 ducks. at the moment, only one of my chickens roosts with my turkeys, and occasionally the 3 ducks go in with them too. i'm keeping a close eye on my girl. my turkeys are like giant feathered dogs to me. they are very friendly.
i just found one of my turkeys,which by the way live with chickens,ducks and even a goose,in the coop very lethargic and has yellow in her poop. can anybody give me some ideas to work with? she is one of eight turkeys and all the rest are okay
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