sick turkey??


6 Years
May 16, 2014
Hi everyone!
I need some help. I have a turkey hen, just over a year old who I thought was thin a little over month ago but she was laying and broody. She kept laying longer than I expected so I didn't think much of how thin she was since she was always trying to sit on eggs and I couldn't break her of it. She quit laying maybe a week or so ago, but is still just laying around, very thin, and looks overall unwell. Is there anything you all recommend that would cover a broad spectrum of things since I feel she's in pretty bad shape and have no idea why?? Her Tom died unexpectedly a few months back. I have two other turkeys that seem very healthy and all my chickens (about 20) seem very healthy as well. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!! I'm very partial to her and would hate to lose her. Thanks in advance!!

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