sick turkey?

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  1. monty 3

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    Mar 13, 2012
    hi, i am new to this forum and in fact new to keeping feathered friends. 7 days ago our turkey hen started to walk drunk, putting her wings out partially as if to steady herself and will prefer to sit immobile unless i coax her with her fave foods. i have googled blackhead but apart from the lethargy she is fine (no runny yellow poo) and i think blackhead kills fairly quickly and she is still with us! she is still eating and drinking and i wormed the chickens, ducks and her with cider vinegar in their water, she has no mites that i can see and she has not started laying yet. she is 7 months old and seems perfectly contented apart from the reluctance to move. when she is sitting she mostly has her feathers ruffled, her tail up in the air and her wings partially down, her head is up and she is interested in her surroundings. is she ill or just idle!!

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