sick turkeys, sneezing, coughing, lesions


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Mar 26, 2008
Orange county NY
I have 20 turkeys, mostly broad breasted Whites.
Several turkeys (10?) started sneezing 2 weeks ago. The same day, I noticed a dark (almost black spot on one of their faces- I'd say it's on the snood. Thinking black(head), I panicked and started looking into blackhead.
I gathered from a few hours of research that cayenne pepper was THE natural treatment, so I started putting it in their food and water..heavily.

It's plausible that they caught something from a nearby chicken. Also, about a week ago I noticed several almost brown-mustard colored stools that were about the consistency of mustard.

Now, they are very phlegmy, coughing, almost choking. One was lethargic and had her eyes closed and would not open them and was barely moving around last night. I've looked them all over and see 'lesions' on their necks, but I'm not sure if those are the natural growths that they get or not.

I've got an appointment with an avian vet Thursday.

Is there anything I can do for these birds? Any idea what's wrong?
I can post pics tonight.
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Nov 12, 2009
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I don't know if these lesions are from scratching or disease but If they have mites will scratch bad and they spread respiratory illness. Mites are bad in fall. I would dust them for mites with seven dust and then I would give each one a shot of 1cc of penicillin and 1/2cc of tylan 50 for respiratory infection then I would add tylan 50 injectable to there water at 3cc per gallon for 5 days. The turkey that is down I would give it shots and take can of ensure plus and put tube on end of plunger syringe (lamb saver tube set works) and push the tube down the turkeys mouth and into its crop, you can feel it through skin to know in right place and push ensure plus in there till the bird is full. That will give it some nutrition so it can get up and going again. If I was real concerned about mite infestation I would give each turkey injection of ivomec plus to worm them and get rid of mites. I would also clean out the house they live in too. Hopefully that will help you not lose them. Let us know what happens

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