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    Oct 16, 2010
    My chook is about 17-18wk, since we got her three weeks ago, she has been doing runny poo and dirty feather just under her vent, she has always had a good appetite.. her comb and wattles are a healthy red colour, but she sits down alot. I saw her sneeze today but I dont know if this is connected or was just a one off. I dont know her history so I dont know if shes been vaccinated.

    We currently have her separated from the other chooks, because she was the new commer.. it would have been better to add two birds but she was given to us.

    She has been wormed 3 weeks ago, we have not done any follow up dose yet.. she is very skittish and pecks any fingers in reach.. she is not laying yet.

    I cant think of anything else.. but any help anyone can give me on identifying whats wrong with her and what I can do to help her, would be very appreciated.

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