Sick young turkey. With bulge between legs.

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by scubamob, Jun 4, 2012.

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    Sick young turkey about two months old. Bulge between legs in front of vent. Dark in color. The turkey is very lethargic. Will stand but prefers to lay down. New to turkeys and have never seen this With chickens. Any help would be much appreciated. I do not know what to do
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    First guess would be that the turk is suffering from some form of enteritis. Anything from congenital malformation to E. Coli. You could try an antibiotic. If the little guy doesn't make it you might be able to ID from gross necroscopy. If any of the others? start to exhibit anything similar, please post.

    Good shots of different diseased organs for ID:
  3. scubamob

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    All the other birds look to be really healthy. I thought it was just a " runt" as it has been growing at about a third the rate of the other birds but now it's got this bulge and really does not want to get up, keeps its eyes shut and head into its neck. I deft will be looking into it further if it does not make it. I really just don't want it to spred if you all think it may be viral. It's isolated as of now. Thanks for the link Ivan.

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