Sickly Brabanters


9 Years
Apr 6, 2010
I posted this in the brabanter/spithauzen thread, but I thought it'd be a good idea to post it here as well. I have 4 brabanter hens. They are all around 2 years old. All of them have stopped laying eggs. One developed a swollen, crusty face, like she has warts all over her face. I posted her on the diseases/injury page last summer, and people seemed to think it was fowl pox, which was also what I was thinking as well. I waited for it to run its course, but it hasn't, and her condition has now started to worsen.

Now, she has started losing weight and feathers, and her face has never gone back to normal. She is still eating and drinking but doesn't look well at all now and feels very emaciated when I pick her up. Her keel bone is very prominent.

I have also been treating another brabanter who developed an ear infection(?) a couple weeks ago. Her ear lobe on one side is swollen and distended, and she seems to have developed some kind of abscess underneath it on the side of her beak.

The other 2 hens look healthy, but none have been laying for the past several months. All of my chickens took a winter break from laying, but the brabanters still haven't started back even though the rest of the birds they were with have been laying well for over a month now.

I've wormed all 4 of the brabanter hens, treated the 2 sickly ones with Sulmet, mixed some ACV with all their water before I started the Sulmet treatment to see if that helped first. I've been mixing yogurt and powdered milk in with the feed of the 2 getting the Sulmet to promote good intestinal bacteria and help east the Sulmet treatment. I've also sprayed Blue-Kote/Wound-Kote on the ear of the one hen.

I'm not noticing any improvement, and the other 2 that also got wormed are still not laying any eggs. There are no avian vets close by that I'm aware of, and I'm running out of ideas on ways to try and cure these 2 of whatever they've got going on. Any ideas/advice?

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