Sickly chicks...need advice


12 Years
Apr 14, 2007
App. Mtn's
Got chicks from MM and lost 3 within the first 24 hrs, and 2 more in the past few days. My only polish has a swollen rear, swollen crop, is laying constantly, and not able to walk much. This one seemed okay (although weaker than some of the others), was drinking and eating at first, but isn't thriving at all. Anyone have any advice, or is it "time"....?
This is only "advice" and what I would do. I would seperate this one, be sure she has clean, warm water and clean food. I would try to get her to drink but touching her beak into the water to see if that would stimulate her. If it does, that would be a good sign. I would also try to feed her some yogurt with a bit of feed mixed in, again dipping her beak into the yogurt to try and stimulate her. I would try to then let her be for a bit and see if she just needs some peaceful sleeping, it is tough on them when they arent feeling their best and the others are climbing all over them,etc. After giving her a bit of warm, quiet rest, and hopefully she eats/drinks, I would reevaluate and see what I think then.

Good luck!
She has been separated for 24 hrs...she sleeps/rests. I have been trying to get her to drink, but she doesn't seem interested in food or water on her own. I'm giving her water with electrolites. I'm concerned about the crop/bottom distention. I know the crop can look large when full, but it hasn't gotten any smaller throughout the day. She is very thin, and I hate to euthanize until I'm sure nothing else can be done,

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