Sickly Orpington chick

Poultry parent

Jun 1, 2016
A small county in Virginia
I got 2 buff Orpington chicks at the beginning of the month (they're around 6-8 weeks old) and one of the doesn't seem to be doing well.
It spends most of its time sleeping, and hunched up like it's on a roost even though is not.
It also seems to be underweight. It's not sneezing, it's poop seems normal.

All around it's just not as active as it should be, and I don't know why.

Anyone have any idea why?
Coccidiosis is very common at that age, and being hunched or puffed up and sleepy are symptoms. Get some Corid (amprollium) powder or liquid at your feed store right away, and treat all chicks in the water for 7 days. Dosage is 1 1/2 tsp of powder or 2 tsp of liquid Corid per gallon of water--as the only source.
i had one like that in a mixed breed flock..i wished i had treated for eventually died. all the others are great a month later

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