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Jul 24, 2011
Urgent post: Let me preface this post by stating we are not willing to spend a lot of money on a chicken miracle. With 3 people in the immediate family with cancer, I refuse to allow this chicken's unhealthiness consume me today, but nonetheless, it's hard to watch, and I'd like advice on what may be going on, if I can get it.
One of our silver laced wyandottes was seemingly fine up until yesterday evening when she hung out in the next boxes while the others were out free ranging, which they do nightly the last 90 minutes of sunup. When I checked on her, she came out but her comb was very blue on the tips and tail was crooked, leaning to the left. She then went to the water and drank for the remaining time she was outside before heading in to the roost.
I do not feel an egg under the vent, but I'm not absolutely positive I'd know it if one was there. She is a very small bird and lays small eggs.
This morning, she was stooped over the roost in a most troubling way. She was breathing so I knew she wasn't dead, but clearly was so weak she could sit or perch.
She is on the ground and will not eat or drink. Her tail remains leaning to one side; wings hanging down--clearly no ability to maintain strength in her legs or wings.
We have sulmet because another chicken is getting some due to suspected peritonitis. Would the sulmet do anything at all to an apparent heart/circulation issue, or is it worth a try? Does this bird sound like she needs to just be put down?
What would you do? Thanks!
Well she just died. I'm thankful I didn't have to make any tough decisions.

Any thoughts on what the cause was and if other birds are threatened? They're all 2.5 yo. No mites on her. I checked. Is this just an isolated event? Its not knowing these answers that's frustrating.
Sorry for your loss. I don't know what killed you little hen. You can insert a gloved finger into the vent an inch or so to feel for a stuck egg, just lubricate the finger. Sulmet can be very hard on chickens especially the kidneys. I wouldn't let any other chickens drink it except the sick one (put her in a cage?)
No, no one else has had access to the Sulmet water. It was there to be used this morning if it seemed like a good idea. But it wasn't needed afterall. The Sulmet has actually greatly helped the one with the extended, hard belly.

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