Siding and roof input, please

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    Long story short, I need to "finish" the coop. My husband has NO desire to be involved in the last steps - fixing the roof (I need to remove it and pitch it) and put some type of siding up.

    • I need roughly 100 sq feet of siding..... what should I use? Something economical and easy to install myself, or, with minimal help. I am thinking vinyl siding? wood? painted?
    • what material should I use to cover the roof - I was thinking the corrugated plastic? Or should I just shingle the plywood?

    There is a window on this side and roost box off the end. I bought this bare bones last July?? It has been sitting in my backyard wrapped in Tyvek. [​IMG]

    Any input is much appreciated!
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    If it's all plywood, probably the cheapest thing to do is pick up some exterior, gloss or semi gloss paint that is a color mixing error and paint, at least two coats, for the walls. For the roof, my personal preference is metal, but you may be able to buy polycarbonate (I think that's what it's called -- looks like plastic, is wavy, comes in colors) cheaper. If you really want to save money, look for leftovers at a place like Lowe's, or even check construction sites for scraps they are throwing away. Shingles come in good size boxes and there are always leftovers. A metal roof will last the longest, by far. It would be good if the roofing material extended a bit over the edges of the plywood, to protect them. You could even paint the roof, but the edges would be a problem. You may be able to buy leftover vinyl flooring scraps, too, which is good for the floor (or even the interior walls) if you plan to clean it often.

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