Sigh....I think I'll just never drive again....


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Apr 18, 2010
Or something.

If any folks heard about the large crash on US23 in Michigan, my joint doctor (that I see every two months or so), is the father of the driver, who was killed. All together, 5 were killed, 4 injured. My best friend worked with one of the teens killed as well.

This morning, my husband's friend of 20 years died when he rolled his car.

Sigh. I don't think they know yet what caused the US23 crash, other than just plain lost control of the car. My husband's friend had been drinking and apparently decided to see how fast his car could go with two friends in it as well. They are in critical condition.

Bah. I just don't know what to think, other than it's a big, massive SUCK.

We had a policeman killed this morning when a drunk driver broadsided the car he was in. The officer driving was injured badly, he was in the passenger seat and the car was pushed into a metal light pole,, he was killed.
So sad. I drive the highway 4 times a day taking the kids to school,and always say a *thank you* when we pull into our driveway each afternoon.
I feel like a car wreck is how Im going to die

Too many crazy drivers and people who think just because their house is 5 miles down the road they can make it home drunker than a skunk
Uh, HELLO! Im not worried about YOU drunk! Im worried about my kids in the back seat you might kill

Just got word another friend of DH's has been in a car accident, he's hospitalized with some sort of serious injury to his hips/pelvis, and has lost one eye.

It's just unreal, poor DH. Of course, he's a stoic, no cry dude, but he's wound tighter than a drum now.

The really hard part on this one is that the friend is having marital issues - his wife has, well, stepped out a few times. He really wants the marriage to work out, and they have been going back and forth - sometimes it's good, sometimes it's not. They were arguing last night, and he decided to take a drive to calm down. She wanted to go with him, he told her no. He was just tooling around the backroads, and missed a 15mph curve while going 60 or so, through a guardrail, over an embankment, into a tree. He's detached his retina (didn't lose his eye, just his sight), crushed his hips to the point there is no joint left. They life-flighted him to the hospital.

Everyone in their crew knows what's been going on with him and his wife - and most of them are blaming her, including DH. However, DH is a good person - one of the biggest reasons I love him - and she has no one to talk to about the friend, so DH listened to her for about an hour. She's pretty tore up about it, and DH is good with giving an ear.

Before anyone thinks otherwise - that is just who hubby is - the person anyone - male or female - can talk to without pressure, without worry. Again, one of the reasons we were friends before we started dating - I could always talk to him. I would never take that quality away from other folks in need - because I know I can implicitly trust him to be only a listening ear to anyone, even a woman who's not got the best track record. Of course, he turns around and talks to me and vents and rambles, he needs someone too.

But yeah, gah.

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