Sigh, it's one of thoooooose days.... :/

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  1. mylittlechickpea

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    May 2, 2010
    Honolulu, Hawaii
    Just no motivation to get anything done. I have so much, well, not really. The list is short, but one of the tasks will take a couple hours..

    But I have to go to the post office.. I hate the post office. It's only five minutes away, but it always takes soooooooo long, and I hate waiting in line. Also, I'm sending in my application to try and gain my Hawaii state EMT license.. I am not hopeful that they will give it to me. And I think this is why I have avoided sending it in for the last three weeks. I have it all filled out, stuck in an envelope, The envelope isn't addressed yet. But it will be. Before I leave the house.

    I have done quite a bit of research on gaining my license here. New York was easy, it just took a while to get all my papers together. I gave them $50 and they gave me a license. Although Nevada was just frustrating. I passes the class, got my license, but then learned the county I grew up in did not hire EMT basics. Only intermediate, and paramedic. So I never got a chance to work with it back home. I was going to enroll in the next class up, but my fiance asked me to move in with him... 3,000 miles away.. We were only there for eight months, so I didn't have any time to try and get enrolled. Then we moved again, and here I am. Feeling sorry for myself, which I know doesn't help anything...

    I know I just need to get on it, send it in, what's the worse they can do? Say no? Well, I'm already feeling down about the whole story, so I guess it would just give me the motivation and knowledge of what I have to do, instead of sit here and think "what if" and waste time about it. I know what I do have to do if they say no, but even if they say yes I still have to take a few additional courses to be able to egt work anywhere... Hmph.

    Well. I know that even though I feel down about it right now, I should not let it consume me, and I know that I have a lot more than some other people out there. I should think of the possitive outcome of the future, I know that these classes will be taken, and I will get my license, and I will work on that ambulance. It may again just take longer than I had hoped. Again.
  2. Lifetime chicken lover

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    Jun 26, 2009
    Rogers, MN
    I totally know what you're saying.
    I have been studying for the physical therapy board exams (on and off) for several years now (after a 3 year stay-at-home-mom break) and I set a deadline to take it again in the middle of August and am freaking out. Feeling very bad for myself, since I failed it twice already and if I fail again, might just go over the deep end!
    And like you said, I know I just need to get it over with so I know how to move forward, but the fear takes over and doesn't let me get anything done, blocks me completely.
    I doubt that any of this is actually helping you, except that you can have a feeling of not being alone.
    I hope tomorrow is better.
  3. mylittlechickpea

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    May 2, 2010
    Honolulu, Hawaii
    I have a load of things getting ready for the dreaded post office.

    But yea. In one of those weird ways I'm glad I'm not the only one in my boat [​IMG] I told hubby I sent this letter out weeks ago, and it only takes about ten days to get a response... So he keeps asking now, if I've heard anything from them [​IMG]

    If I don't get my license I finally looked at the paper work of what I would have to do to start over from the beginning, and that seems very daunting, and I just don't want to go through all that again. A license that took me 5 months and $500 to get back home is now going to be $2000 and a whole school year to gain over here. And even though I want this, it just seems silly.. We don't have that money. I know there are a lot of resources for military spouse, but even so.. If I have to start over I'd rather get into the phlebotomy program (which is still pretty expensive) but I'd be able to work a whole lot sooner, doing something I want to do. And then be able to have that good job to save money and be ready for paramedic school when we get back to the mainland. Hubby doesn't like this idea, because It's such a wide gap in time, but if I can start working a good job earlier, or perhaps get a job at the army hospital, then I can transfer, save money, still be doing something I want...

    Agh!! This seems likesuch a mess right now!!
  4. Slinkytoys

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    Jun 22, 2009
    Black Forest
    Do it. Get it over with. You'll sleep better.
  5. EweSheep

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    Jan 12, 2007
    Land of Lincoln
    Have you met my hubby?????? LOL!

    He has a basic EMT license for the state only, not nationwide. He worked hard in college for one semester to get that and passed it. He thought he would be able to get any job as an EMT Basic but noooooooo, many of the ambulance services now want Intermediates and Paramedics. He does not want to continue on because Pell Grants were hard to come by and he applies for it four times a year. So he went on to do Pphlebotomy and he was doing pretty good until he was dismissed from the teacher. They did not give him any reason at all why they are dismissing him and told him not to come back to class or work experience anymore. Oh that was a very low blow for him because he really liked it! He wanted to be an EMT B for over twenty years but times are changing and from what I found out from most ambulance services, they hire the highest and the best for the job and one of the supervisors said that the basic personnels are used for fairs, low impact accident occurances like in 4H, social events and they will not be using basics for high drama or high accident levels. His instructor at college told hubby that the basic are reserved for fire fighters or first responders and as for hubby wanting to up the status, he will NOT get the high energy jobs and around here, all the basics do are fair jobs and shuttling the elderly to and from doctors offices. Sad, isn't it???? I have a feeling that B's will not exist in the paramedic ambulance services anymore, say about ten to 20 years, there will be no B's in ambulance services.

    Besides ambulance services companies, why not apply for areas that a B can do? Swimming pools, lifeguards, store clerk or someone in security while you save your money for the mainland college stuff that you need to move up to either phlebotomy or paramedic?

    Go and do it! What do you have to lose?
  6. chicknduck

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    May 21, 2010
    Well I hope the day goes well for you. I woke up with a migrain and am not motivated to do anything
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    Apr 17, 2010
    in the Pyrenees
    No insult intended, but after reading your last thread about your husband.... and now this one, it sounds to me that you are not exactly a go-getter. In the time it took to whine about the post office, (nobody likes going to the post office by the way), and talk about the difficulty of your EMT procedure, you could have been that much further down the road. Life is about getting things done, and once things are fairly well done, you can smell the roses and pet the chickens.

    Not mailing the letter for your husband, and telling him that you have, for two weeks is an outright lie. Not good form.

    Cowboy up a little bit and things will get easier.

    Good luck,

  8. Sonoran Silkies

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    Jan 4, 2009
    Tempe, Arizona
    Did you ever get back on your anti-depressants? That might make the world a whole nother flavour for you.
  9. cmjust0

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    Apr 30, 2009
    Central KY


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