Sigh.......Life sucks...... have to move all my animals ...AGAIN

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  1. chickenzoo

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    Well we have been looking at houses trying to find a place we can move and have our animals with out problems, after we found out our house of 15 years was zoned AR1 not AR. We moved all our animals over a friends until we can find a place. Well they just told us we have 60 days to move our animals off. They said their new insurance company will not insure them with any animals on the property.............. so now we are really in a bind. Can't bring them back here, they can't stay there [​IMG] We are going to put an offer down on a place tomorrow................ hoping they will take it and we can get in there before 60 days is up. [​IMG]
    If anyone does any praying...... please say a prayer for us, I am at about the end of my rope...........
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  2. artsyrobin

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    aren't there some byc'ers close that you could board them at??? check your states thread????
  3. artsyrobin

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    Mar 1, 2009
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    ok, i posted on Facebook on the byc site and the poultry club- something will come together- this is just ridiculous! Hang in there!
  4. JulieNKC

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    [​IMG] I hope you find somewhere for you and your animals soon.
  5. key west chick

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    So whats the main difference between AR1 and just AR? Agriculture/residential, seems as long as there is the A part, you should have been ok.
  6. Enchanted Sunrise Farms

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    i'm so sorry! Hang in there. When we were moving, we had to have our house tented. i asked on craigslist for someone to chicken-sit and found a wonderful animal-loving woman who took care of them for me. There are good people out there. Maybe someone on this board can care for them for you for a while.

    Hope everything works out. [​IMG]
  7. redhen

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    So sorry...if i lived closer i'd take some in for you until you get your new place.. [​IMG]
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    Quote:AR - 1 = 2 Livestock animals per acre ( 1 chicken = 1 livestock animal ) AR = if you have over an acre their is no limit on livestock. Someone also complained that our animal waste may one day drain into a creek some where back behind the mortuary, the giant church and the gun range .................. said it was a federal issue.

    I am just so tired and stressed. I've been searching and searching for a new place while trying to get this one ready to be sold.Running back and forth to my friends to care for my critters, comming back here to fix up this place.... In this market we will barely get what we owe on it......... I just want to get the heck out and at a new place and get my animals someplace safe. [​IMG]

    thank you for all your good thoughts... really need them right now.
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  9. key west chick

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    Wow that totally sux. Here we have AR IV and AR V. This really shows me how important it is to really look into our codes when we find something we are interested in buying. Hope you get everything worked out. [​IMG]
  10. dgecko

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    Feb 22, 2011
    If I lived close I would be happy to help you out. May your new house be the HOME that fit your needs. Life without the pets isn't really living.

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