*sigh* lost some chicks...wasn't expecting to come across this today!!

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  1. So my silkie hen hatched 8 eggs tuesday (which were early, day 18 hatch instead of day 21) anyway they were mille fleur d'uccles that I got form a fellow BYCer shipped...so they've been doing great and all that - momma (Taffy) has been keeping them in the coop and the little run so far - figured this weekend she'd be taking them out and exploring...Well she did, only she decided to take them about 100 feet away from the coop on the first outing!!!! [​IMG] I wasn't expecting her to take them that far yet - but alas we donn't usually get paid for thinking right? Well I didn't think anything about the drain that is over in the far corner of the house that the rain water drains down into, and the drain is about 2" above the ground - (its a PVC pipe that drains the rain water straight into the main water drain) the slotted cover for it broke a few days ago - and just hadn't got around to going to Lowes to get a new one...Well I went out just 20 minutes after feeding the chickens and messing with the chicks and I hear "peep peep peep peep peep" and the mama hen is running around like her head's been cut off...Go and look and there are FIVE of my chicks down the drain!!!![​IMG] three were already dead, and two were nearly there!!! [​IMG] [​IMG] So i take all the little things out of the drain with a spoon, and rush the two living ones in the house into the bathroom. Bath towel in the sink, and the blow dryer on low warm for about 15 minutes (really old weak blow dryer WAS PERFECT for this though) and got them warmed back up and dried all nice and pretty. Was so worried about them because they kept closing their eyes and tipping over backwards - swore they were gonna die up until I made a quick brooder out of a tote and hung a light in there with them wrapped in a small dish towel so they could cuddle under. Within 30 minutes they were happy and warm again and running around in the box so I returned them to mother and locked them in the run.

    Then of course I made a run to the other side of town and went and got a cover the for darn drain (after digging a little hole for my poor 3 babies that didn't make it) [​IMG]

    I felt so bad - but it completely never crossed my mind they'd travel that far before Monday when I had scheduled a trip to the hardware store and the grid cover was on my list! *sigh* [​IMG] [​IMG] so mad at myself today.

    But I guess in the end its as simple as "we live and we learn" - I learned I need to not put something off - and go ahead and do it, and think two steps ahead instead of one.
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    I'm so sorry about your little ones. [​IMG] Unfortunately, things like this do happen. You're not to blame. Like you said, how did you know she'd take them out for such a far away walk? [​IMG]
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    Don't beat yourself up. Things like that happens to all of us. (((HUGS)))
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    [​IMG] Don't you fret about it. They get into the darndest things sometimes. Just yesterday my husband comes to me and says "One of your chickens is dragging a plastic bag behind her". I go running out there and finally find one of my BOs with a plastic bad trailing behind her. Apparently she stepped into the handle of the plastic shopping bad and somehow it twisted and was around her leg. Silly thing.

    You mama probably never sensed danger because it was not a danger to her. [​IMG] I am sorry you lost the little ones.
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    How awful!
  6. Thanks guys I appreciate your support. I know I just can't help the fact I kept putting it off, and I know if I had capped it, they chicks might of just fell in a hole of water instead and still drowned, but its the fact it was a situation I was aware of.

    I feel better today watching my 5 mille fleurs running through the yard with mama, and the two that were on death's door doing just fine being happy and healthy.

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