:sigh: my hen has bumblefoot, and I gotta Question.

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    I noticed her limping yesterday so last night when she was on the roost I looked at her foot and sure enough it is bumble. her pad is swollen to at least 3x what the other one is and it has what lookes like a scab and is very hard. :sigh: so as I read, I need to do surgery (hope I can stomach that). as I understand and PLEASE correct me, I need to soak her foot (questions) How do I soak it? and in what do I soak it in? then with a very sharp blade I need to make a cut (questions) How big of a cut and where? clean it out, I'm probably gonna use a Qtip IDK, then flush it out with ?Water? or what? then I pack it with neo (with out pain reliever) or a mixture of sugar and ??? cant remember the name I'm gonna have to look again. then gauze and vet wrap. Any thing else? Thanks
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    First I'd try this, it worked for Anne and me. This is part of a BYC post that I copied and made a Word document of:
    The following is from:
    Tnchickenut on BYC
    Try buying a baby toothbrush... it's super soft but will scrub the dirt out of the cracks in the sole.

    I don't use such a extensive methode to cure bumblefoot. I soak in ALOT of epsom salt, little WARM water for 10-15 minutes two or three times a day... wash it well with the brush... take tweezers and gently pull the scab up around it's perimeter... often by the second or third soak it comes right out (the whole "plug"). Once that happens I clean it, soak it, clean it again (anti-bacterial soap) THEN put the triple antibiotic IN the hole (tehre usuaully will be a hole). Put her (let's say it 's a hen) in quarentine... she is contagious... bumblefoot is Staph... and also because she needs to be in a controlled enviorment. I use towels for bedding... washed everyday... twice a day (this usually only lasts a week). I do not bandage up the foot... i do not take a blade of any sort to her foot. Just epsom salt, a baby brush, antibacterial soap, and triple strenth antibiotic cream.... and clean towels. It's a infection... a staph infection... and I treat it as such. It's up to you to give anti-biotics or not... some are against them in poultry. It's your bird, your choice.

    I hope I didn't confuse you... but wanted to tell you what has worked for me time and time again. I'm not a vet (probrably no one else on BYC either... not that I have ever come accross at least)... but this is what has worked for me.
    If that doesn't work, try Ruth's bumblefoot surgery method. The end of the following post by Ruth is the source of the soak direction given above:
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    will try, luckily for me our brooder box is all set up I just gotta clean it out from 2 hens that had ouchies on their combs and are all healed up now. [​IMG] towels it is, maybe I think I may wrap it instead poopy towels in washer doesnt sound to good. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] about the whole thing!
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    Quote:Yeah, I agree. We wrapped the rooster's foot and put him right back in with the hens.

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