*sigh* Opposites attract.

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  1. Cindiloohoo

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    Dec 19, 2009
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    DH got rained out, and is home for the rest of the day. His boss(owner of the company) just called to invite us to lunch with him and his wife. Hubby DECLINED [​IMG] It's a rainy dreary day, what else are we gonna do? I have laundry about finished, and could clean up quickly and we could go, but nooooooooo, DH is about as antisocial as they come. Bless his heart...I'm SOOO NOT! I would have loved to have went and enjoyed a meal in good company!!!!!!! Guess I'll do another load of laundry instead [​IMG]

  2. Sorry to hear that. The wife and I are.the same way. Her mother thinks it is funny how different we are from each other, yet we are still married happily. Never would have thought it but guess the saying's true.
  3. Cindiloohoo

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    Dec 19, 2009
    Southwest TN
    Oh yeah, my parents are polar opposites too on the social vs. antisocial thing as are his parents. I have noticed a lot of married couples are that way.
  4. Quote:so have i. Just makes me wonder what it is with that. Sometimes it makes me think it is just the way of the world.

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    DH and I are just the opposite - he's the social butterfly, I'm the one who would rather just stay home.

    I think it provides balance; if we always stayed home, we'd turn into curmudgeons. If we were never home, our place would be a disaster!
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    If DH was as antisocial as I, then we might as well move into a cave up on a hill somewhere and call ourselves hermits. It's all about balance, and evidently you two do that for each other too... [​IMG]
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    when BOTH people are " Social butterflies" nothing gets done. We have to balance eachother out. somehow it works.. What ya need is time out with your friends minus the hubby.. [​IMG]

    Let the DH do the laundry [​IMG]

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    Yeah, I think opposites attract because if you have two people of the same "type", skill sets don't complement and as a pair, you can't get things done as well. Like having two left hands or something vs one of each.
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    Mar 21, 2010
    hmmm, DW and I "flip". Some things I have to drag her to, some she drags me. Everyone once in a while we get in the same "let's stay home" funk and we become hermits. [​IMG]

    Depends on our moods.

  10. EweSheep

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    How true this is!

    See, our parents attracted to each other and so are we! I have more of my Dad's traits (with some of mom's physical traits and common sense and woman's intention) and my hubby has more of his mother's traits. He was pretty much raised on his own when growing up while Dad was working long hours as a guard at max. prison. However what attacted me his heart, sympathy and gentlemanly ways that he is good looking to boot and wears kilts LOL! Believe me, it was not easy for me to "change" him to be a better man, a diamond in the rough. However I can not change is his temper. He knows he has to work on it.

    My dd has some of her daddy's traits but got her momma's love for chickens and animals and dotes on them. She is a very intellegent girl, bringing home almost straight A's. Reads to a third grade level. That's my girl!
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