*sigh* parents.......so here's what went on tonight.....


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Nov 19, 2008
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So everybody (the people in chat really) knows how I been havin a hard time with my parents and stuff lately......dad has been giving me a really hard time over everything, always fussing, chewing me out, etc.....well tonight he was doing it again...fussing at me and everytime I tried to say something NOTHING was good enough. I have listened to that and not said anything for years. Just Dealt with it.....and I broke today.

I'm the type person I never show emotions, never say anything back.....just sit there and take it. But something happened earlier that was kinda weird.....I like didn't even realize what I was saying, I just broke.....

I totally just started crying and crying and couldn't stop....I told dad everything....I didn't even realize what I was doing, it just happened........I said all kindsa stuff.....it was almost weird.....

I feel better and all now...kinda still in shock I did that.....I cried so hard I almost made myself sick...I still feel sick to my stomach

I hate being a teenager......*sigh*.....parents -_-

I know I like never post on here but just felt like talking about it...thanks for reading
Awwww! I'm sorry! I know what it is like to be a teenager!(I kinda remember) I hope everything works out! Maybe now your parents will understand what you are trying to tell them! It is hard being a parent to a teenager too, and sometimes we don't "speak" (or hear):teenager!! hugs
My DH is often very tough on our kids. He thinks since he has an idea of how something should be done, then it is obvious to all. So, like your dad, he rants. Once in awhile, my son (17 y.o.) just throws it right back at him. I don't like conflict, but I think the healthy part of this is that DH understands how much he hurts my son's feelings when he is so harsh.

You hang in there, sweetie!
It's hard to be a teenager, I remember all too well (my daughter is going up for adoption at 13
) My advice, talk to them regularly, no matter how *stupid* they are. Voice your opinions about things, and let them know (rationally) when you feel you are not being treated right.

Anyone is going to listen better to someone who lays out the facts in a calm, collected manner than someone who blows up. I am not saying what you did was wrong, and the blowing up can be healthy to an extent (and boy does it feel great!!), but it's better to talk often and rationally than infrequently and in anger/frustration.

Don't forget, these feelings are nature's way of making sure that you (and your parents) are VERY ready for you to move out of the house.

Good luck!!
My dad was like that too when I was a teenager... now that I'm older he's gotten a lot cooler. I think it's good that you let him know how you feel, maybe he'll ease up on you now. Keeping your feelings locked up inside is never good for you. Just remember that your dad loves you and just wants what's best for you... even if it doesn't seem that way now.
How did your dad react? I know its hard, but in most cases dads think they are doing the right thing, and its a well known fact that men can't communicate about 99.9% of the time. Just be nice to him, he might be fighting a battle of his own, and its easier to be kind than to be mean and try to retaliate. You sound like a wonderful teen, and I am not just blowing smoke . . .you seem to realize how things are, and that is a BIG step to maturity. Good Luck. I had 5 teenagers at the same time, and while we had some issues, some not so good, I wouldn't have traded it for the world. I think I was too lenient as a mom, and my DH grew up in an abusive household, so he was silent most of the time, although the kids adore him and come to him for advice all the time now . . . as well as me, so keep the faith that things DO get better.
I'm the father of 2 teenage girls, 17 and 13. I am a very liberal parent on most things...piercings, hair color, hair style, clothes etc. BUT, they WILL be home when I tell them to be and they WILL do well in school. NO Cs allowed! I do ride them on this but its only because I love them and I know it is important. Your dad(I'm sure) is only wanting to make you a better person, because he loves you NOT because he thinks your not good enough. It's good that you broke and told him(as long as is wasn't disrespectful) My 17 year old did it with me, and after talking and her hearing MY reasons she understands now that I do it out of love and that school is important to me.(I dropped out but went back to college later), and I have backed off on her. Keep talkin to him and good luck!
I know what you're saying about him wanting me to do good and all....I had honor roll all year in school and got test scores back saying I have a 13+ grade level and I'm only in 9th grade.(not to brag or anything, just saying)I always worked hard and have tons of stuff going on with the animals and all....so I almost felt it unfair for me to work hard and it never be good enough for him......and to answer an earlier question how he reacted.....he was kinda shocked because I have never really said anything, he reacted pretty well though. He seemed understanding and said he would try to be easier on me.....we'll see
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