Sign of life?!

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  1. i candeled my 3 eggs today they are 2 days old and there was this compleatly round circle and it moved everytime i moved the egg. is this a sign of life? they are silkie and one is from a cochin hen with a silkie rooster. i couldnt really see any veins the shells where hard to see through. also all the eggs were heavier than normal. i am so confused lol

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    That'd be the yolk, candle in a week :)
  3. If they were shipped, it could be a loose air cell. If they are from your yard, then Oceanseve is probably right on the money, you may just be seeing the yolk. Depending on the color and shell thickness, it could be hard to see anything developing until the 4th-7th days, so don't panic yet. It helped me a lot to look up videos and pictures of candling so I had a vauge idea what to look for.

    Good Luck!
  4. thanks everyone!

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