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    I just received this email from Change.orq. I think this is horrible. We need to stand up for our military and their families if you agree please pass this on:

    In one month, soldier Aaron Collette will return from Iraq for two weeks’ leave. By the time he does, he won't have a home -- and neither will his family.

    Tim Collette, Aaron's dad, did everything right. He put $100,000 down on his home in Bend, Oregon, when he purchased it in 2006.

    In 2008, after the economic crisis devastated his small flooring and countertop business, Tim realized he needed a loan modification and went to Chase Bank for help.

    Chase told him he had to miss two payments to qualify for a loan modification. But once Tim did that, they began foreclosure proceedings instead of helping him.

    Local non-profit Economic Fairness Oregon has been helping Tim stand up to Chase, but they need a surge in public support right now to save his home. Please sign their petition to help Tim and his family keep their home.

    Banks across the state -- and country -- are taking advantage of homeowners in Tim’s situation all the time. Economic Fairness Oregon is pushing state legislators to pass a bill that will address the housing crisis and help people like Tim stay in their homes.

    In the meantime, Tim needs public support to pressure Chase to stop the foreclosure.

    When news of this story broke earlier in June after Senator Merkley spoke about it on the Senate floor, Chase agreed to delay the foreclosure and told the press they'd work to find a solution for Tim and his family.

    But as soon as media attention faded, Chase called Tim and rescheduled the foreclosure for August 9 -- just 10 days before Aaron returns from Iraq.

    Every day that this issue is not resolved Aaron has to worry about his family and where they'll live even as he’s risking his life in Iraq.

    Sign here to tell Chase that we're still watching and urge them to honor their promise to find a solution for the Collette family:

    Thanks for taking action,

    - Jess and the team

    P.S. To start your own campaign against an unjust foreclosure, just click here and follow the steps to create a petition.
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    Mar 24, 2011
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    I signed it!
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    Too bad it takes a soldiers story to light a fire.
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    It is very sad. Several soldiers have lost their homes in Texas due to foreclosures.
    One soldiers wife didn't want to worry him so she didn't tell him. When he came home his house had just been auctioned off. But the kind souls that bought it gave it back to them. (I dont mean Free)

    But I know too many people that have lost their homes and have no jobs, and are activley looking. It is sad.
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    Jun 14, 2009
    So please explain to me why or how does a guy who loses his house because ha ain't paid for it, has anything to do with his son being deployed overseas or his son being a soldier has to do with dad losing the house?

    Assuming the soldier is an adult over the age of majority, he probably hasn't spent a bunch of time at home with Mom and Dad in a number of years. What with being deployed, training and stuff like that. The home was purchased in 2006, the soldier has been in the army atleast 2 or 3 years.

    Furthermore, the home/loan/mortgage has been in trouble for 3 years according to the info presented in the OP (2008). So the home was probably in trouble when the son enlisted. The father purchased the home in 2006, 2 years later he has money troubles, and now 3 years after that he is facing a foreclosure. All I am saying is 3 years is a long time.
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    Jun 14, 2009
    Quote:The US goverment has quit paying it's soldiers?

    The military is full of programs and resourses to help families when husbands or wives are deployed overseas.

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