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Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by CarriBrown, Jul 12, 2008.

  1. CarriBrown

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    "yes" on the bottom where it asks if you want to receive promotional material. I get at least one $8-$10 off coupon for Layena a month, and one bag of Layena is $13. That's quite a savings! I also receive $10 off coupons for horse feed. They have never sent me junk mail- only coupons.
    I like Purina because they are vegetarian (no by products) and they have great quality feed. Too bad the squirrels also love it. [​IMG]
  2. farmgirlie1031

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    Apr 26, 2008
    Thanks. I used to get the horse feed coupons but I had moved a few times since and didn't get them anymore. I did a google and couldn't find any purina coupons.
  3. CarriBrown

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    They don't really advertise that they send out coupons. I just happened to fill that out for something else and I started getting them in the mail.
  4. farmgirlie1031

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    Apr 26, 2008
    I used to go to all their workshops so I think that is how I got the coupons before but I hadn't seen any workshops around here nor when I was in NE. They had them all the time it seemed like in MO and KS. I haven't seen any workshops around here either as this is KENT country. But the local dealer can't even keep us supplied correctly as she orders one bag a week for us (with 5 horses to feed) so we went back to buying Purina at a different feed store.
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    Feb 4, 2007
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    Thanks big time, Carrie!
  6. dangerouschicken

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    May 6, 2007
    Columbia Gorge, OR
    [​IMG] YAY!
  7. farmgirlie1031

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    Apr 26, 2008
    I just got this email

    Thank you for contacting Land O Lakes Purina Feeds. We are currently
    delayed in responding to emails due to the large volume of inquiries.
    If you have questions that need immediate attention, please call
    1-800-227-8941 for Purina products or 1-800-311-1726 for Lake Country
    products. Thank you for your patience in this matter.

    I didn't know Land O Lakes owned Purina now. Wow! I must be really out of the loop.
  8. I filled it out and requested info on their feed for chickens. Also any promos that might be running.
  9. JennsPeeps

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    Jun 14, 2008
    South Puget Sound
    Woot! Awesome!
  10. nccountrygirl

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    Jul 31, 2007
    Sanford N.C.
    Thanks Carri

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