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    There is an old thread about this hatchery, Signature Poultry, which I saw too late, after I had placed an order for 25 chicks. They advertise here in Southern California on craigsist as Tehachapi Chicken Farm or some variation of that name. When I ordered the chicks I at first thought they were coming from Tehachapi which is just a couple of hours from me. So I asked if I could pick the chicks up to spare them the postal service trip and he said sure, but he'd still charge the same price.I told him that we liked to have local poultry in our store and he did not tell me that his chicks were not local; I found that out by reading the thread on this site. So I called him back and he told me that the chicks would come from Albuquerque. I asked if a heat pack would be included since it is January and cold, he replied that it would be since he "could not afford to have dead chicks all over the country." I asked if extras would be included to account for losses, and he also said they would be and acted throughout as if my queries were unnecessary. Well, when the chicks arrived yesterday, amid a cold snap here in the high desert, two were already dead, four were in very weak condition. The four I isolated to give Chick Saver, but nonetheless, one of them died later in the day. So, today I called Signature and got the same man, J...., who is the owner. He denied having promised to take care of extras or heat pack, was combative, called me a "*****," and hung up after telling me never to call back. He is seriously a jerk and not honest, so maybe I can keep someone else from having this problem. SIGNATURE POULTRY is a rip-off.
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    Good to know! Thanks for posting. Sorry to hear about your problems, though.
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    Thanks. If anyone wants really local hatched birds in the So Cal area, I recommend AVBirds. They are excellent to deal with; it just happened that they were way backordered on the breed I needed, so I tried the other "local" hatchery.
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    Post update: As of yesterday, 5 of the 25 are dead. They seemed very small and lightweight to us, so we are not surprised, but this whole experience is a first.

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