signs of egg eating


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Aug 27, 2010
What are the signs of egg eating hens? Egg yolk on their beaks? General looks of guilt and shame?
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You may see yolk on the head but only if they are a light color. They don't usually seem ashamed.
it would be to easy to tell that way.
Once they start eating eggs there really is no way to stop. I did put mine in cages and moved them to a new location for a couple of months. This area was low lighting and my idea was to reduce the light so they would stop laying. Two months later they returned and they did not eat their eggs. Now when I caught this it had not spread to the whole flock -- I pretty much had an idea as to who was guilty.
My question now is -- my flock is getting small and I cannot find anyone line who will ship me leghorns.

Helen Brown, Las Vegas Nevada
I discovered that I had an egg eater when I noticed yolk on the bottom of the nest boxes. I found somewhere on here where it said to put a wooden egg in the nest boxes...if they can't crack it open, they stop trying. Worked like a charm
I've had no yolk in the boxes since! Keep in mind that its getting colder, and most breeds stop, or slow down egg laying. Not really from the cold, but the shortened daylight...I've went from 18-20 eggs a day to maybe 4 if I'm lucky...

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