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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by chasing ducks, May 23, 2010.

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    Does anyone know the signs and symptoms of pullorum? I have tried looking it up and all I find is white diarhea and high mortality in ducks under 3 weeks. I only ask because I have 5 ducks in my flock that came from chicken swaps, the rest are all hatchery birds, all NPIP certified. My oldest chicken swap duck is fine, my 2 scovies are fine, but I got a runner and a rouen from the same woman at a chicken swap and I have had trouble with both of them. The rouen is named chicken because she's a giant wuss. Since I put her in with the main flock she hasn't been a problem. She was just massively noisy before and almost trampled the smaller guys. The chocolate runenr should be about 4 weeks old and is still in with the babies because he just doesn't act quite right to me. I have 10 runners already, 3 of which are chocolates and they all have similiar personalities, very curious and all over the place. This little guy though is very mellow, doesn't like to be handled but doesn't go running to investigate everything. He eats, drinks and goes to the bathroom just fine, no issues there, but his one eye always looks like it was watering bad at some point (the feathers under it). I have never seen any discharge, but I let him play in water today and either I didn't make sure it was clean or something because the feathers look wet under his eye still. I don't recall this issue witht the others but with all the babies I had at once I could have missed it. Is this normal? I ask about symptoms of pullorum because I plan to arrange to have my flock tested soon so I can be NPIP certified, but I worry I inadvertantly brought something into my flock that will put it in danger. If a flock tests positive they destroy all the birds on the property, right? Not just the ones that came into contact with the infected bird? I hope mine are fine, I have 41 ducks, 18 bantams, and 65 standard chickens on the property right now.

    Just a quick note, the little chocolate runner seems healthy other than the eye and the fact that he is very different from my other runners. I do believe though that he may have been niacin deficient, he doesn't like to stand and his knees look a little swollen.
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    I'd be a little worried..
    Was the swapper NPIP??
    I'd not put them anywhere my flock yet.... just to be safe...

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