signs that laying time is near ?

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    my chickens are going to be 3 months old this weekend, and i've read they should start laying @ 4 months, so i was wondering what to look for that might tell me they are getting ready to start cranking out eggs. the nest boxes are up in the coop, but covered, and i want to make sure i uncover them at the right time (not too early so they don't get in the habit of sleeping and pooping in them, and not to late so they start laying eggs on the floor). what kind of signs should i be looking for? will the rooster start behaving differently too? this is my first flock, so i don't know what to expect. thanx for the info.
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    Your girls should start squatting low when you go to pet them on the back, this is a sign of being receptive to mating. Also look for bright red combs and wattles on the girls.
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    Although people have gotten eggs at 16 week I think that is rare unless you have a breed known for it .I have 1 laying hen and 3 pullet so I needed the nest box. I didn't have any trouble with the young 1s pooping in it. Others have though if your birds are roosting already I would uncover it and put fake eggs in.
    When the comb and wattle get red and grow that is a clear sign they are close to ready
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    My girls just started laying last week. Other than red faces, they really didn't show signs until the day the first egg arrived. (And believe me, I would have noticed because I stalk them all day.) Then one day, they all stood around with their mouths open and their wings out and when I went to pet them, a few gave me the squat. So, the encouraging thing is that you could be getting no "signs" from your girls, and one day get a great surprise! [​IMG]

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