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Why do they call me crazy??
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Dec 30, 2008
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This swap is not endorsed by BYC (owner, website, staff, etc.). The BYC Staff is not responsible and will not mediate if something goes "wrong" or a deal goes "bad". If you choose to participate in a swap, it is best to know who you are swapping with and not to swap more than you can afford to lose.
The BYC Staff is sensitive because some past swaps have not worked out. We want our members to feel comfortable having fun with these and other social interactions, but please keep in mind that there were issues with some organizers and swappers not following through on their commitments in the past.

This will be a gift swap and please try to include something Easter related. (That shouldn't be very hard!!) THERE ARE NO HATCHING EGGS INVOLVED IN THIS SWAP.

1) Entry deadline is March 31, 2010.
2) Gift value must be around $10.00
3) You pay the shipping of the gift you are sending.
4) Gifts can be homemade or store bought.
5) Do not post hints of what you are sending. We all love surprises!
6) Gifts must go out by Thursday, April 8th, 2010.
7) You must send me a confirmation # when you ship your gift.
8) Please post when you have received your gift (and pictures would be nice!
9) You may participate in this swap up to three different times. Just let me know in your email that you want to have more than 1 swap and how many.

BONUS As an added bonus, the first 5 people to sign up will get an extra gift from me. AND the first 5 to send out their gifts will also get a bonus gift. These gifts will all be sent out after I have received your confirmation #.

Reply to this topic indicating you want to be included and then email me with the following information. Send email with Easter swap in the subject line to: [email protected]

BYC Name:
Shipping Name:

If you cannot get your gift out on time please let me know and I will pass the information. I will try my best to make everyone happy.


Have fun and please play fair.

Participants include:

*bockbock2008 HAPPY WITH ANYTHING-Christian mother to a 3 year old, wife of 10 years, like horses, chickens and gardening, homedecorated in neutrals and grey-greens
*Ms.FuzzyButtsSurprise me!! But my favorite colors are Blue & Purple. My kitchen is done in Sunflower Decor. And I love chocolate!!
*Chickens14 favorite color is green,country girl love to be outdoors in my gardens, planting, decorating my new coop ( the inside) for my friends with pictures, chicken nicknacksI work as a home care nurse caring for children, a son who is 7
*The Warden
*spunky~chick~momlikes are are COOKING.... and being outside as much as possible. Anything food related. I don't really collect anything except ANIMALS... LOL!
My colors are earth tones in most all my house. but I love red and orange in my kitchen

*GPN [iI love chocolate, skittles, or the sugar free lifesavers, or jolly ranchers, I Love Different candy! Not a huge fan of cranberries, or cherries in my candy. I collect frogs, pheasants. I still live at home with my parnets (29) not much room. OR I play Farmville on Facebook. Purple my favorite Color, my room colors are green w/ purple accents][/i]
*Paddock36Hobbies I have include cake decorating, gardening, fishing, and chickens of course. My house and kitchen are earth tones (with chickens and sunflowers in the kitchen. I like candles and pretty much anything.
*happyhensnyChickens, I collect glass milk jugs, like to hike & camp, gardening. Decor is black iron and rustic stuff. Love pretty much anything not foo-foo frilly.
*mammawolf544 I like almost everything farm animal related chickens, ducks, pigs, cows.
*Bare bottom farm no chocolate,I like cats, and whimiscal stuff. I collect gemstone spheres. I love soft stuff animals. my colors are green and some blues and in bed room yellows and greens. I don't have kids... Just me and hubby... I can not have caffiene so no chocolate due to heart problems.

*eastbaychickssweets aren't my friend either,like the traditional burgundy, green, brown, tan and that's what my house looks like. But when you open my drawers to grab a glass, it might be pink or blue or green. I also love red accents, but when I'm wearing an apron or using a towel they will probably be pastels with cute flowers or birdies
*greenfamilyfarmsFavorite colors: red, purple, green, blue I like anything candy or chocolate, but my fav Easter candy are Peeps and malted eggs. I like anything dealing with the outdoors such as gardening, hiking, kayaking... just generally doing stuff outside.I am a Christian, so religious stuff is great to send. kitchen decor: bright red, black & white with roosters of any color.

mamma's chickens
*Denasfarmlike South Western colors and plan to redo the kitchen that way,I collect Salt and pepper shakers, and chefs/Bakers,Id LOVE to have another dachshund but that would be hard to mail. I Like Sunflowers, Chickens, Geese, Turkeys and Animals in general.
I prefer to wear Black but my kids fuss at me for being dreary.

92caddyI collect, bells, cups and sausers, egg cartons, eggs crates, hand blown glass eggs, marble eggs, S&P sets, lots of rs germany china, graniteware, anything chicken...........I like old antique looking long as it is chicken related, Im sure I will like it
*herefored lovinglady I like country/traditional, not foo foo stuff, my colors are the earth tones, my kitchen accent color is red,love chicks and roosters. i like unique items. and yes i love chocolate.
*redhead83402Happy with anything ~ Christian mother to 5, wife to Wood Genius for almost 20 yrs now, love chickens, yarn, crochet, knitting, soaping; love green, yellow, brown, red,, you know, chicken-y colors,lol.
oh, and I also love dark chocolate

*gaeamamaearth-tone colors, chickens, gardening, outdoors, knitting, and I love chocolate

* indicates I have your mailing information.

If your name is not listed here after I have confirmed your email, please let me know.
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Why do they call me crazy??
11 Years
Dec 30, 2008
Southwest Indiana
Awful brave of you since you haven't received last months gift yet. Dont worry, I PROMISE it is enroute. I have just a little insight on your swap partner


Why do they call me crazy??
11 Years
Dec 30, 2008
Southwest Indiana
Ms.FuzzyButts :

Count me in... Sent email from my address, not from BYC form.

Thats perfect! Thanks for signing up. This will be my third month hosting this and its been real fun. I hope you enjoy!​


Brood with an Attitude
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Apr 18, 2009
Awful brave of you since you haven't received last months gift yet. Dont worry, I PROMISE it is enroute. I have just a little insight on your swap partner

Not brave at ALL .. it's all about the sending .. (and my partner hasn't received theirs yet either .. lol)

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