Silent Auction for Kansas Medic.

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    She is a user of the old forum.
    This is to help her pay some of her daughter's medical bills.
    This link tells you what's Holle's been going through...
    I was only going to put up one of my DreamWebs but couldn't decide one just one so I'll be auctioning off 3!
    The first one is Sweetheart. It is made from a Cherub and Roseprint ribbon.
    The second one is Geode. It's made of a Olive, Teal and Pink Batik print.
    The third one is Golden Dreams. It's made from a Pink, Purple and Green tiedyed overprinted with Gold Batik.
    The auction will work this way. The first person who emails me will be #1, the second #2 and so on.
    The starting bids are $5 and the auction will go until the end of the month. 03/31/07.
    At the end of the auction I will email the winner and they will pay through this link.
    I will not touch or see any of the money! In case anyone has any second thoughts. I'm just doing this because Dana is a good person and needs the help. I'm only going to ship out the prizes from my home.
    I know that times are tough, but these sell for $10-$15 when I sell them privately, so do your best.
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    We have had our first bids:
    Golden Dreams:
    Thanks to all of you who have bid so far...[​IMG]

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