Silicone Flower baking cups for Assisted Hatching

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  1. Just_ducky646

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    Jan 8, 2019
    I just wanted to share a idtem that I found EXTREMELY useful for assisted hatching.

    A few years ago some duck eggs I incubated were having difficulty hatching due to the humidity being too low(was my first time incubating and misread the humidity levels for ducklings) and the membranes had glued themselves onto the ducklings. I carefully did an assisted hatching, using bactrum to moisten the membranes. But now the ducklings still needed resistance to push themselves out of the shell and absorb their yolk sacs. A moistend paper towel in a cup seemed somewhat awkward for them, and got cold rather quickly even in the incubator.
    I found these silicone flower muffin/cupcake cups to provide just the right amount of resistance for them to push themselves out and allowed the ducklings move about after they’d hatched safely.
    Here is a picture of a few of the ducklings using this method. All ducklings (6) survived. I recall how stressful my first time incubating eggs was, and wanted to pass on this handy info in case it had not been discussed already.
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    That’s very interesting!! Thanks for sharing!!
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    Super cool!!
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  4. Just_ducky646

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    Jan 8, 2019
    Its no problem. There is a lot of info on incubation and assisted hatching on this site that I found so helpful. Just wanted to return the favor and say thanks for everyone who takes the time to answer questions and give advice here.
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    Are they really the sides move easily when needed?
  6. Just_ducky646

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    Jan 8, 2019
    Flexible enough to hold different sizes of eggs, it has some give to it, the silicone is not thick and allows to hold the egg and hatchling together while it finished absorbing its yolk without falling out. Easy to wash, can be pushed inside out for easy cleaning and reuse.

    Adding on: they are flexible enough to be smushed like a pancake, they are not a stiff like silicone. They are soft and cozy like
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