Silked Serama?!

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  1. bugglesmommy

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    I hatched two serama chicks from a local seller. Neither parent was silked and no mention was made of the gene but one of the two has silked feathers coming in! Is this rare? What does this mean as far as breeding?
  2. bugglesmommy

    bugglesmommy Chillin' With My Peeps

    I am new to genetics and wanted some answers / advice?

    To add these are the first chicks ever hatched from his birds. He was not aware of the silked gene.

    Chick 1- silked?

    Chick 2 - same parents/ same age
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    That certainly looks like a silkied serama. Junebug here in OK raises them. She knows all about it. Might pm her with any specific questions...

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