Silkie ‘pullet’ crowed


Apr 17, 2019
They are little buggers. My tiny 5 months old silkie Bebe crowed (more like squeaked) this morning :hit . Hopefully she is confused.... because she is half the size of her brothers, an insane fro (that I have to cut to a Mohawk so that she can see), no wattles, small comb and holds herself like a ‘lady’. Anyone have this happen to them before? Here are some pics from a month ago when she was unwell, I will grab some more with her brothers later today so you can see why I am so confused :barnie
Here are some more pics from this morning. I couldn’t get a good comb pic but it has not changed from the previous ones.
Here she is with her brother that is the same age

The little black one is the same
age and a confirmed pullet, she has started squatting and trying her hand at the egg song

And some more random pics



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Also, if it is a cockerel, could there be something wrong with him? He is tiny and I have already had to treat for a respiratory infection. Is there anything I should look out for with stunted chooks?
Some hens will crow. It's not uncommon.
It's not a problem. I don't do Silkies either but I would wait a while before you decide you've got a cockerel.
Hens can and rarely will crow..... Hens. Pullets do not crow. Ever. If its really a crow that this one's trying then its a cockerel, but it looks like a pullet. The comb is small, no wattles to speak of.... Silkies aren't my forte, so I'll bow to more experienced silkie people... but I think its a pullet.
@HuffleClaw your a silkie person, right?

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