Silkie 3 months pullet or roo

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    Mar 27, 2019
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    Silkie and frizzle almost 3 months. The silkie sometimes stands very rooster like. The frizzle I gave no clue on it’s gender .
    510FC46A-6AE9-4A87-91ED-8D54BFF60F61.jpeg 12B69195-CDD9-4728-8373-D3578303371C.jpeg E27C1959-0F67-4360-875A-0A4C9FE2010E.jpeg E27E58B4-C613-43EE-9406-51DB3BAF3A6F.jpeg D5CE4510-43D6-4320-911C-20594135DDAA.jpeg BC01D721-283B-4324-8118-D72C2F2E055B.jpeg
    Here they are a little younger 3F316E6E-66D1-47F8-BF38-2CA883A141B1.jpeg E0B2638A-1123-490F-9799-C070761EFEBF.jpeg 1D97FE38-DA9B-4633-9397-3FDCE554D959.jpeg
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