Silkie about 7 months just sitting humped up and not moving

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    Jun 7, 2010
    Please advise. We recently took in a white Silkie that we were told was about 7 months old. It is gorgeous. However, it is not moving any
    at all hardly. We had kept her inside until this morning and then we took her out for a while. She is not moving out there either. She just
    sorta humps up and sits there and it seems she sleeps a lot. I am not sure it is a she - just guessing. A friend that works at the sheriff's department had given the local animal shelter our number. They had a lady turning the chicken in - said she cannot keep it where she lives. They could not keep it at their facilities. We took it and I had to do some cleaning around it's posterior area because I was afraid she could not do her business. (That part she is doing fine now). She has never been active at all, but last night and today she is mainly just sitting all humped up. She has always been easily petted and handled. She feels like she has lost some weight.
    We are new at the chicken business. Please advise ASAP. Thanks so much.
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