Silkie acting strange.


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5 Years
Apr 25, 2014

I have a little silkie bantam hen who recently has been a little inactive and very timid of everything. We started giving them antibiotics in their water a few days ago when one of my Wyandottes passed away due to Pneumonia. My other two hens have been acting a little depressed due to the sudden death of their top hen but otherwise have been fine with it. But my Silkie seems to be acting a little sluggish and sitting down often.

She used to sit under the shade of trees etc but she's started sitting down regularly in different places. She has started getting strangely timid of me coming over to her, she never used to be this scared of me. She is still eating and drinking well and her comb and wattles are not faded, I'm wondering whether she might be contracting something or maybe got a scare? I am very worried as i have lost two precious hens in just under 3 months already.

Thank you.
Have you looked her body over to see if she has any problems other then being sick and even being sick can bring on mood changes but check for a wet beak and any body scores or bugs or bumps ..

You might want to up the protein intake like the feed as I haven't any idea what you are feeding some Turkey Grow with 20% + protein is always a good place to start .....

Remember antibiotics do great for the chicken but also remove proteins and vitamins so a couple of hard boiled egg's will not hurt and could be good for her .....

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