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    So I have a silkie pullet that has started laying just a few months ago but recently for about the past week and a half has not layed any eggs and will constantly sit puffed up making clucking noises occasionally. She doesn't even have any eggs to sit on! when I pick her up or move her near food and water she'll get up and eat and drink then go back and sit down. what is wrong and what on earth is she doing????
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    You have a broody hen!


    Give her some fertilized eggs to set on and she'll hatch them for you if she doesn't change her mind. They don't lay when they are broody.

    Also make sure she has food and water within reach so she doesn't even have to get up from the nest to eat and drink when it is close to the time of hatching (around 21 days) and after they hatch. If others pick on her you might separate her so she doesn't get beaten up.

    Some never separate broodies.

    You can do a search on BYC for "broody hen" and read a lot about it.
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    She is just being a Silkie [​IMG] They love to go broody!
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    They are soooooooooooooooo stubborn about it too.

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