Silkie and Rhode Island Red Eggs!

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    Up for sale is Rhode island red and Silkie eggs eggs. These are nothing special just production Rhode Island Reds. In this pen there are 4 hens and one rooster. This pen has produced many chicks for me already and fertility is great averaging 80% here.Three hens in this pen are show quality do to showing them last year at our county fair. In the Silkie pen there is one rooster and three hens. The rooster is Blue, One hen is blue, the other is buff, and the last is white. The Silkies are pet quality. Fertility has not been prover in this pen. Once eggs are collected they are put on an automatic turner until they are boxed up. I individually wrap each egg in bubble wrap and put them in a medium flat rate box padded in more bubble wrap. I try to only ship Mondays thru Wednesdays. Shipping is 15$ PayPal only(because of where i live).[​IMG]

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    How much is a 2 dozens of the silkie or 2 dozens of Rhodes?

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