silkie and seramas question


12 Years
Sep 26, 2010
South Georgia
what does size a and size b mean in seramas?
When breeding silkies do you have to mix colors to get another color? what i mean by that is do you mix a black and a white to get a gray. do you breed a black and a partridge and get a white. do u breed a black and black and end up with white chicks? or do you have to make it pure and mix white and white to get white chicks and black to black to get black chicks. I am confused and really need help with these questions. sorry the format of the question is a little confusing...
white X white=white
you can mix blue black and splash and you will get blue black and splash chicks
partridge X partridge=partridge
black X black=black
ok well what would happen if i mixed black and white silkies. or a partridge and splash or something would it be a mix of the 2 colors of would each chick have a 50 50 chance of either being one of the parents colors. do you know anything about buff silkies
i am thinking of getting them but i want like every color and i would want to hatch eggs i just want to know what to expect. i already have 1 white hen named charmin lol

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