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    I only have Silkies, but I am thinking about getting into Showgirls.

    If you breed a silkie with a showgirl silkie, will the babies be 50% silkies and 50% showgirl silkies?

    Can you breed them together? Or do you have to breed showgirl to showgirl and silkie to silkie?
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    Ok, not like this is going to help any [​IMG] But I *think* if you breed a showgirl (depending on generation) to silkie you will get 25% showgirl 75% silkie. If you breed showgirl to showgirl, depending on what generation they are you have a 50/50 rate. I am not sure if you have a f11 generation or so if the showgirl breeds true. Haven't made it that far in my research [​IMG] . There are some people here that have been breeding these for a while. Hopefully they chime in [​IMG]

    I know that if the silkie in the first equation is heteroygous for showgirl it will increase your percentage of showgirl.
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    It depends on your showgirl. If you have a homozygous showgirl (2 copies of the SG gene), against a silkie you will wind up with all heterozygous showgirls (1 copy of the SG gene). A heterozygous showgirl against a silkie will give you half showgirls and half silkies depending on whether or not your showgirl throws it's single gene. Two homozygous showgirls together and you will get all showgirls. Two heterozygous showgirls together and you will get about 25% silkie, 25% homozygous showgirl and 50% heterozygous showgirls. Heterozygous showgirls are the ones with the little bowtie of fluff on their neck, the homozygous ones have a completely naked neck.

    ETA: I breed my showgirl hens against a nice silkie roo in order to bump up the quality of the resulting showgirls.
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