Silkie and Sussex problems.


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5 Years
Apr 25, 2014
Hi all. I have two inquires.

#1 || My Silkie

My little bantam silkie has started being timid and sitting down regularly. She is being medicated for worms and Pneumonia at the moment, [Just like my other hens]. So i am a little worried that something else might be wrong with her timid behavior. She didnt act like that before the medication so i think they might have something to do with it.

#2 || My Sussex

I have a large Light Sussex and she seems to be either, breathing through her beak and expelling air form her nose or breathing through her nose and expelling air through her beak. She has had this for a while and i kinda just pushed it aside because she is a healthy bird except for the breathing.

Any advice / Diagnosis's?

Thank you!

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