Silkie baby with bad legs


12 Years
Sep 2, 2009
SW Florida
Ok so I just did my first hatch in the incubator YEAH me ha ha! We have 10 Welsummers, 9 Polish and 5 Silkie babys today. Everyone is good except a silkie baby that hatched about 7am this morning. (one of the last to hatch) It has really bad leg. Almost like spraddle leg but one leg is good the other not so good. Its kinda like a dog with hip displasha. I cant take a pic yet its still drying in the bator. When I try to move it to the booder the other chicks pick on it. Should I try the baindaid thing or give it more time to come along?
I had a chocolate orpington like that I did the band aid thing after had had died out and got his bearings just to make sure it wasn't just getting used to his legs. I ended up using them for a couple of weeks till it sorted the problem but he is fine now
If you're going to do something about it do it ASAP. chicks heal at an alarming rate and if you don't act fast the leg could very well fuse like that. ( things I learned from the vet last night!)

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