silkie bantam butt feathers picked off and slightly bleeding


7 Years
Aug 22, 2012
west covina california
so i went to put our girls away tonight and noticed that our silkie bantam had her butt feathers picked. i know which one did it as i watched it do it as i was covering them up. my question is do i need to get that blue stuff for there skin? she has blue skin. her feathers are white. it looks like the feathers were the actual bleeders but it wasnt gushing blood it was just read on the feathers from blood. if you have home remedies that would be wonderful mom has to work tomorrow and i have no way of getting to get the chicken stuff. or do i just keep an eye on it? i just dont want to find another dead bantam. Sunday i found one of our bantams dead. i think it was from being egg bound she wasnt a regular layer but wasnt very old. we paid $200 for 4 diffrent bantams so needless to say i do not want another death!

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