Silkie Bantam Chick---Failure to thrive? Runt?


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May 13, 2015
We have 6 baby bantams---4 silkies and 2 speckled sussux. The Silkies joined us last weekend and three of the four are doing well---they are growing, active, etc. One seems to be a "runt" (do you use that term with chickens?). It is definitely smaller. It is active, runs around. I don't see it eat that often (I see the others pecking away at their starter feed). We do have a few with pasty butt, we have been cleaning their bums and added probiotic to the water. Is there anything we should be doing to help this teeny one along? All of the silkies were the same size when we got them last week, so this one clearly is a bit behind given the growth of the other three vs. this little one...Just want to do whatever we can to help the little one.

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