Silkie Bantam hasn't laid egg in 1 week -- acting strange

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    May 10, 2011
    I have only been doing the chicken thing for about one year now. Got into this because of my autistic son. He was given 1 RIR rooster and hen, 1 silkie bantam and 1 cochin(?) bantam last year. I purchased 2 sex link hens 2 months ago. The bantams are in one pen while the RIRs are in another pen (the rooster injured the silkie last year). The sex link hens were added after 1 month quarantine to the bantam pen since they weren't laying yet. They are meant to go in with the RIRs eventually.

    Rudy and Peaches (the RIRs) and Henrietta (cochin bantam) are all approximately 1 year old. Miss Priss (silkie bantam) is approximately 1 1/2 years old. Rose and Pebbles (sex link hens) are approximately 24-26 weeks. They all get treats (cucumbers, tomatoes, watermelon, cantaloupe, yogurt, cracked corn and mealworms) almost every other day, sometimes daily. They have crushed oyster shell in one container to eat whenever they want. I have been informed that I have spoiled them unmercifully.

    The problem seems to be with Miss Priss (the silkie). She hasn't laid an egg in approximately 1 week. Now that hasn't been totally unusual for her up to now. She is eating and drinking and pooing normally. I've picked her up to feel her tummy and looked at her vent (?) and all appears well. I've examined Henrietta to compare butts and feel (she's laying almost daily). Nothing seems amiss there. However, she seems to acting "off" now.

    Usually she runs from me in the pen and I can't catch her. She doesn't seem to be as lively as usual. We have had some seriously hot weather here in Virginia but it cooled down today. I also change their water 2-3 times a day and add frozen pop bottles to their waterers when it's hot. I try not to aggravate them when it's hot also.

    These guys are pets for my family and more so for my son. Not sure what is wrong. Could you give me some ideas of what might to look or feel for that I haven't done? Have looked through the postings and can't find anything that sounds like what's happening. Thanks in advance.

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