Silkie & Bantam Salmon Faverolle Eggs


11 Years
May 29, 2009
Sleepy Eye, MN
Ok guys.... This is not something I normally do. My first and probably one of the only times selling eggs. The motor and fan on my big old redwood incubator fried on me yesterday. I moved the 300+ eggs in there over to my other one. Its a bit smaller and thus I don't have any more room right now. I can't see wasting these eggs right now. I have the parts on the way, but it will probably be at least a week or 2 for my incubator to get fixed.

My farm is NPIP and has a MN hatchery permit. I will package the eggs to the best of my ability. I will not guarantee fertility since I have no idea if the post office is going to play football with the package or if your incubation procedures are up to par either. I do know that I am getting about 60-75% hatching here. I need payment via Paypal on them by monday night so they can be shipped right away on tuesday morning. If the actual shipping is less, minus the cost of the bubble wrap, I will refund the rest. We are looking at a very large number of eggs though and it will probably be on the conservative side.

As for actual numbers, it will be everything laid between today and monday. I have 10 bantam faverolles and 74 silkies in the breeder pens right now. I'm getting 1-2 dozen eggs per day!!!! When I ship on tuesday morning, you will be getting probably at least 6-9 dozen eggs. We also have exhibition african geese in brown and white. The peafowl are just starting to lay as well. If the high bidder wants any of those eggs (if available), I will also throw them in.

I'm not washing eggs.... They are usually pretty clean, but I'm not going to spot clean every single one in case a smear gets on them. I'm also not labeling which pens they are coming from. Eggs are picked 2-3 times a day and my family helps me with evening chores. They get brought in the house, stored in a cool basement and turned 3 times daily. I've been getting 2-6 eggs daily from the faverolles and the rest from the silkies. All my silkie pens are separated by colors. I currently have 31 whites, 29 blacks, 8 buffs, 2 blues, and 4 splash. The blue/splash are in a pen together.

My bantam faverolles are a new project for me. I got eggs from Jaynie Knight (Knights Chicks) last spring. She got her stock from Leisha Comers. I have 8 pullets and 2 cockerels held back. They were shown last fall at 2 major shows and took BB/RB with at least 3 exhibitors at each show with them. I've been averaging 2-6 eggs per day out of them.

My silkies are linebred from some of the top lines in the country only. The whites have been pretty consistent on quality. The blacks are black on black breeding only. There are no splits to anything... The buffs have correct dark skin color and only 2 of the hens have smut in their feathering. The blue/splash pen still is throwing a few of those oddball chicks with white on the toes and some of the pastel looking babies. Every single one of those birds in my breeder pens has been shown at an open show at least once. They are nice typey birds with no dq's. I cannot guarantee that every chick will pop out the same. Nature..... Some 6th claws and double toenails do crop up every now and then. Most of the buff are coming out with lighter skin and do darken up.

Feel free to click my website link. It will take you to my photobucket page. I have pics of birds in my breeder pens, birds I've sold to people, tons of pics from my growout pens over the last 5 years, etc.

I'll put a few pics below.




















My gosh I'd like to have some of these eggs~~but 9 dozen?! That might even push the limits of my wonderfully patient husband.....

now....let's see who lives nearby that would go in on these with me...
Was wondering the same thing here !!

Or anyone for that matter. I am not interested in the salmon faverolles or goose. Just the silkies and peafowl.
Lol...Well the problem with sorting eggs is that my lil 52 year old mom and 78 year old grandma check on things at the barn while I'm gone at work. I can mark the eggs that I grab in the morning and early afternoon. Even though I tell them to just leave the eggs, they insist they can't set out there over night. Sometimes they are lucky to get them in the carton in 1 piece, much less marking them correctly. The fav and silkie eggs are the exact same color and size, so can't tell the difference on them....

Nothing yet on the peafowl for today. They just started laying last week. There are 5 adult males, about 3-4 juveniles, and 15-16 are 2+ year old hens. Everything is free ranging on those so could be a wild jumble of colors. We have a couple black shoulder, a couple india blues, lots of whites, some purple pieds, somer silver pieds, and a couple cameo hens. Some are nice and lay in regular spots. Some of the younger hens like to hide nests on me. We'll see how many I can find...

Lol at the peak of hatching season I usually have both of these redwood incubators running...about 1,000 egg capacity here. I normally do the waterfowl in the smaller one and chickens, pheasants, and peafowl in the larger one. I think I'm nuts sometimes.

I didn't even see you had peafowl -- makes it even sweeter and I've always loved your silkies . I finally have the space for this size hatch -- my sportsmen is empty and I have 2 small bators I can use also . I am really sorry though that your bator let go . I hope it gets fixed soon for you . ~~~~ Tammy

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