Silkie Bantam Sexing


Dec 23, 2015
Hi Guys I understand that some of you out there are having a bit of trouble sexing your Silkie Bantams so I thought I would put some pictures up of my 2.5 month old babies for you to help you out.

This is our little rooster who is 2.5 months old he has a rounder/oval shaped comb/crest and his feathering is a lot thicker and buffier.

This is our 2.5 month old female who has a slim comb and her feathering on her head is a little more straggly and not as thick, we know this is a female as we have 2 already who are now 2 years old who have both great little egg layers when they are not broody, usually 1 a day, they started laying when they were around a year old and they both have a comb that looks like this.

They make great little pets although the one pictured above doesn't really like to be touched all that much she is a little runner where our other 2 females don't mind a pat they are way more cuddly.

Anyway hope this helps guys

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