8 Years
May 31, 2011

Found out about all of you through my sister.

Anyway, I have at a 1-2 year old silkie, bantam
that has been raised from a chick by my niece.

She has been lethargic, and gets tired after 20 mins
from being let out of the coop. she goes back into
the coop herself and wants to just stay in the nest
all day and at night she's not perching.

Hasn't laid an egg in 2 weeks, doesn't look/feel egg
bound. eating, drinking, a little bit.

Should I give her something? I read here about the
baby aspirin. Perked her up for a little while then
she went back into the coop.

! sounds to me like she could be going old is she??
She could be broody. Silkies are known for this. Ours is broody for most of her little life. Just sitting and trying to hatch pine shavings. Its rather pitiful and funny. But, that is what she wants to do - and so it makes her happy!

Does she growl a little when you try to disturb her off her nest?

When she does get off the nest does she poo the size of a dog?

If she is broody, she should get off her nest and start to be normal after around 28 - 30 days. Depending on how determined she is.
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