silkie bearded 24+ mostly B/B/S

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    Mar 12, 2008
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    will include at least 6 from the white, and 6 from my splash pen the balance from my BBS pen (which includes blu,blk,silver hens with blu and black roos.) No guarantee on these eggs, depends on method of incubation and USPS handling and weather all plays a factor in your success in hatching, but I do get at least 90% fertility here in Georgia. Most of my chicks have vaulted skulls.
    I have Bobbi Porto' roos and their sons in my BBS pen and white pens. I have a Sassy splash roo in my splash pen over blue hens. All my stock have correct color of skin,blue earlobes, and 5 toes .
    My white hen and black hen placed BV,RV,RB at the Feb show.the last pic on the line up is a blue cockeral
    I would like to mail these out tomorrow, I wrap with bubble wrap, use confirmation delivery and priority mail.
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